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Mainframe is one of the evergreen technology in IT sector and also it uses in large and medium-sized companies such as banks, insurance companies, manufacturers, Retail Sector and Telecom Companies to process large amounts of data quickly.

Mainframes were one of the first computers used by businesses they are capable of processing millions of instructions per second and have access to trillions of characters of data.

Mainframe Training Syllabus

IBM Mainframe Concepts

  • Architecture
  • Input/output Devices

Multiple Virtual Storage(MVS)

  • Operating System
  • Mainframe Characteristics
  • Data Management


  • Architecture and Multiprocessing
  • Virtual/Real/Auxiliary Storage Concepts
  • MVS Storage & Control Blocks


  • PDF
  • Utilities

Job Control Language(JCL)

  • JCL Statements and Procedures
  • Symbolic Parameters
  • IBM Utilities
  • GDG

Virtual Storage Access Method(VSAM)

  • Features and Structures
  • VSAM Concepts and Catalogues
  • Usage in Cobol, CICS/DB2 Programming


  • Introduction to Cobol
  • Cobol Program structure
  • Procedure Division
  • Table Handling
  • File Handling

Database 2(DB2)

  • RDBMS Concepts and Components
  • Data normalization
  • Basic SQL
  • Advanced SQL, Embedded SQL
  • Usage in Cobol, CICS/DB2 Programming

Customer Information and Control System(CICS)

  • Online Systems
  • Components, Environments
  • Features