DB2 DBA Training in Chennai which helps you to understand how the companies are using DB2 DBA. Our DB2 DBA Training in Chennai is very much mixed both practical and interview point of questions.Our DB2 DBA trainers are having more than 10+ years of experience and they share what they learnt in past years. DB2 DBA trainers are passionate about teaching the amazing mainframe technologies to the students to get benefited in their career.

Database administrators (DBAs) are primarily responsible for specific databases in the subsystem. In some companies, DBAs are given the special group authorization, SYSADM, which gives them the ability to do almost everything in the DB2® subsystem, and gives them jurisdiction over all the databases in the subsystem. In other shops, a DBA's authority is limited to individual databases.

The DBA creates the hierarchy of data objects, beginning with the database, then table spaces, tables, and any indexes or views that are required. This person also sets up the referential integrity definitions and any necessary constraints

The DBA essentially implements the physical database design. Part of this involves having to do space calculations and determining how large to make the physical data sets for the table spaces and index spaces, and assigning storage groups (also called stogroups).

In general, the DBA is responsible for the maintenance of current information about the data in the database. Initially, this responsibility might be carried out using a manual approach. But it can be expected to grow to a scope and complexity sufficient to justify, or necessitate, the use of a data dictionary program.

The DBA is not responsible for the actual content of databases. This is the responsibility of the user. Rather, the DBA enforces procedures for accurate, complete, and timely update of the databases

DB2 DBA Training Syllabus

Introduction to DB2

  • Db2 Address
  • System Services Address Spaces(DSMNSTR)
  • Database Services Address Spaces(DBNDBM1)
  • Internal Resources Lock Manager(IRLMPROC)
  • Distributed Database Facility(DSNDIST)
  • Storage Procedure Address Space(DSNSPAS)

Db2 Physical Objects

  • DB2 catalog
  • DB2 Directory
  • Active & Archive Logs
  • BSDS
  • Buffer Pools
  • Locks

Database Design

  • Physical Design process
  • Object Design
  • Storage Groups
  • Databases
  • Tables aces
  • Tables
  • Data types
  • Indexes
  • View
  • Constraints
  • Primary key & foreign key
  • Program preparation
  • Pre compilation
  • Bind package & plan

Locking and Concurrency

Security & Control

DB2 Online Utilities

Performance Management

  • Performance Management definition
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Explain Function
  • Overview of db2 Governor(RLST)


  • File aid, File
  • Pan valet
  • XPEditor
  • Endeavour, Changeman,RIMS
  • CA7
  • Strobe
  • Abendaid
  • Easytrieve